Erhard Baltrusch

Erhard was born in May, 1955 in Hamburg, Germany. After graduating from middle school, he took an apprenticeship to become an export sales clerk. With certificate in hand, Erhard worked 10 years as export sales clerk for a number of companies and also gathered experience working in foreign countries like East- and West-Africa, Middle- and Far East, and - of course - Europe. During this period, he attended evening school and graduated as software developer with special skills in database engineering. To put this new knowledge to work, Erhard founded his own software company and also dealt with computer hardware.

Erhard's favorite hobby always has been, and still is, model railroading with the emphasis on "model". He models the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad during the transition era (late 40's to mid 50's) from Locust Point via Relay to Harpers Ferry and Washington, DC in N-scale. Unfortunately, Erhard didn't own a gym to set up his layout and so he became aquainted with modular railroading according to N-Trak standards. A couple of his modules had been in public shows and were well acclaimed.

One day, Erhard stumbled over a website by a guy named Frederik Braun of Hamburg, Germany who had this crazy idea of building the world's largest public show layout n H0-scale. Since he's a little crazy himself, this idea appealed very much to Erhard and he went to attend the casting. Yes, the owners actually staged a casting where every applicant could show off his/her talents. To make a long story short, Erhard was approved and as such one of the first team members of the nowadays well known "Miniatur Wunderland" in Hamburg. During the following 10 years, Erhard worked his way up from research to design to tracklaying and wiring, supervising small projects, initiating and controlling projects proposed by himself to being part of the management. Among others, Erhard was responsible for guest relations, website design and translation, as well as budgeting.

Apart from this website, you can also find Erhard on Google+ (our company profile). If you want to drop him a line, you can do so by email.