Basic layout shapes and their pros and cons

Aisle width: 1' 8", Layout size: 4 x 8'Rectangular

The layout pictured here is 98.425 inches wide by 47.25 inches deep. Aisle width is 19.67 inches.

Pro: Layout can be positioned in the middle of the room; all areas are easily accessible

Con: Bad room-economy; even at minimal dimensions very narrow aisles.

L-shaped along 2 walls

Pro: Nice trackflow possible, passenger service with medium sized trains, and a "parade track" are possible

Con: A human arm can only reach about 90 cms (or roughly 3 ft) into the layout. The diagonal, however, is 1,56 meters (61.4 inches) deep. One would need an access hatch to reach the corner...

Along all walls

Pro: Even for larger scales, a loop is possible. A medium sized station could also be built credibly.

Con: Either one builds a separate board in the door area or plans the "zero"-level in a height that allows for a duckunder.

Along 3 walls

Pro: Very flexible. Could also be built in more than 1 levels; long mainline runs possible, plus very good switching possibilites.

Con: If built in more than one level, a very complicated benchwork is needed.