Same Space - Different Scales

Normally, before you actually start building your layout, you think about the available space. In this case, I had a Florida room to tinker with. The available space was 16' by 7' at a layout depth of 4'.

The customer was an avid railfan who grew up in the Appalachian Mountains and wanted an H0 layout representing this area. Needless to say that he wanted a main line and a coal branch... Well, that was not going to happen in H0-scale and the only way to convince him of this fact was to draw two different plans for the same space.

Here they are:

16 by 7 feet in H0-scale 16 by 7 feet in H0-scale
16 by 7 feet in N-scale 16 by 7 feet in N-scale

I'd say, it is pretty obvious which scale suits his requirements better. On the other hand, a logging theme in the same layout space can also be very rewarding. To make a long story short: The customer didn't want to compromise on his theme and went with N-scale.

Animated Cab Ride on the N-scale 16x7 ft layout