All freight cars offered on this page have standard wheels. They will not run properly on real code 55 track (like Atlas) without touching the ties. They will, however, run on Peco code 55 track which is basically a code 80 track buried in the ties.

All cars are used, in original boxes, and in top condition.

To order, please send an email to Erhard and specify the items you want. Sales are on a first-come,first-serve basis. Accepted payment methods are:

  1. Check (US customers only)
  2. PayPal
  3. Credit Card via Square (involves a 2.75% processing fee)

Shipping will be via USPS in the United States after receipt of payment. Overseas customers: pleas ask for actual shipping cost.

Roundhouse 40' 3-bay ribbed side hopper, item# 8609, black

Set of four (identical numbers): US-$ 25.00

Individual cars: US-$ 7.50 each

Roundhouse 3-bay hopper

Roundhouse 40' 3-bay ribbed side hopper, item# 8624, red

Set of five (identical numbers): US-$ 32.00

Individual cars: US-$ 7.50 each

Roundhouse 3-bay hopper

Bachmann 89' Tri-level autorack with load, AT&SF

US-$ 15.00

Bachmann Tri-level Auto Rack

ConCor (made by Kato) 40' Stock Car AT&SF, metal wheel, Rapido couplers

US-$ 18.00

ConCor 40' stock car

Walthers, item# 932-8757,

Bay Window Caboose Norfolk&Western

Rapido couplers


Bay Window Caboose

Atlas item# 36821

Swift Meats 50' mechanical reefer

Slightly weathered

US-$ 9.00

Atlas 50' mechanical reefer

Micro Trains item# 28020

40' Outside Braced Boxcar, single door

Maryland & Pennsylvania

US-$ 12.00

40' box car

Micro Trains item# 48050

50' Fishbelly Gondola, with Drop Ends

Rock Island

US-$ 9.00

50' Fishbelly Gondola

Atlas item# 32371

Beer Can Tank car "Hooker Chemical"

US-$ 5.00

Beer Can Tank Car

Atlas Item# 41467

40' Wooden Reefer

American Refrigerator Transit Co.

US-$ 10.00

40' Wooden Reffer

Micro Trains Item# 120210

Baltimore & Ohio

40' USRA Stell Box Car, Single Door, Overlapping Flat Panel Roof

US-$ 10.50

40' Steel Box Car