February 2013

2013-02-07 10:14 by Erhard Baltrusch

Its been a while since the last news release. That has 2 reasons

First, my fiance came over from Germany to stay in the US for a while and we needed some private time Laughing

Second, I was quite busy aquiring new projects:

  1. Dismantling, re-design, and re-build an H0 layout themed after the Great Northern Railway in Montana for an Orlando-based customer.
  2. Refurbishing an indoor G-Scale layout for Give Kids The World, also based in the Orlando area.

Both projects are well under way now, although I had some difficulties - mainly communications - with a major G-Scale track manufacturer who volunteered to sponsor the G-Scale project. The latter problem is sorted out now and we expect the track being shipped shortly so that we actually can start laying it out. The time frame for this project is tight (major work to be finished be the end of this month) as it is directly tied to the tourist booking season.

As far as the H0-project goes, we have some more time to spend. The planning phase is scheduled to be finished by mid March this year whenthe construction phase is about to follow. So far, we are well within our time limit.

If you like to read more about these projects, please follow the links shown above.

Mini Dioramas

I have been asked by several  model railroaders to build them a mini diorama to showcase in their office or to integrate into their layouts. These dioramas are in N-Scale and measure approximately 12 x 5.5 x 5 inches.

Which scene would you like to be depicted in such a mini diorama?
Examples: Promontory Point, Utah - the meet of Union Pacific and Western Pacific, a short trestle over a gorge,...

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