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H0 track plan
H0 track plan

On March 24, 2012 I headed out of Orlando for a trip to Ohio to work on a long-term project in both H0 and N-scale. This report deals with the H0 layout.

Originally planned as being based on the German town of Theresienstadt in the WWII era, it will (for now) feature interchangeable scenery to represent German topics as well as American ones. The customer owns quite a bit of American rolling stock and wants to see it run on his layout. The layout measures roughly 18' x 8' in the visible area, and 16' by 4' in a separate staging room. It is being built using Märklin® C-track and controlled by Märklin's® digital command control system.

For now, this layout is laid out in a figure eight shape until the remaining track arrives and the connection to the staging room can be established. The customer and I agreed on using Flex track in the curved visible sections in order to achieve smooth transition curves and a more prototypical look than the C-track can provide. So, on my next trip up north, the long straight ramp will be converted to the upper double track main leading to staging whilst the curved tracks leaving the station to the right will represent the lower double track main to/from staging.

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Testing clearances and track

Testing clearances and track with Märklin Mikado and California Zephyr

Big Boy

Testing Märklin's Big Boy on R3 curves and and on steep ramps.