Virgtucky or Kenginia

This H0-layout is based on two cities in two states: Richomd, VA and Paintsville, KY, hence the somewhat funny headline.

Construction started in sections in my home in Florida. All in all, 8 sections of framework were built and hauled up to Oklahoma. Control is NCE DCC (manual and computer automatic for the hidden staging). Layout size is 151.5" by 348.5". Benchwork is open grid made out of 3/4" plywood and 1/2" plywood for subroadbed.

3D view of benchwork 3D overview from entrance 3D overview from North wall
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On 12th April, 2017 I arrived at the customer's site and started to set up the sections that were built in Florida. The next 5 days were devoted to construct the remaining benchwork and set up a temporary loop for the customer to run some trains in circles.

View from entrance to north wall Future lift-out bridge Hidden staging
Keeping track aligned over sections Underneath the future coal mine View to room entrance
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The next trip to Oklahoma is scheduled for 09/04/2014.

To be continued...