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Layout Design

Using highly sophisticated CAD software, we are able to provide you with dimensionally accurate, to-scale layout designs. These designs can include:

  • - benchwork
  • - plywood cutting plans
  • - track plan(s)
  • - wiring
  • - track schematics for switch panels
  • - 2D and 3D views
  • - or any combination of the above


Layout Construction

Normally, we build your layout in our workshop using sections of benchwork for easier transport. Upon delivery, these sections will be assembled into a layout at your site. We use only cabinet grade wood in order to avoid warping due to climate conditions. In addition, all wooden parts are treated with a fire-protective paint which also seals the wood.

If required, we also can build your layout completely on-site (at additional cost).


All layouts are throughly tested for operation before they leave our workshops.

It is our policy that maintenance for your empire is icluded for the first year of operation at actual cost. If you would like us to maintain your empire for longer than this period, we suggest that you sign a maintenance contract with us.

In case you want us to maintain a layout not build by us, we require you to sign a maintenance contract with us.


  • Are you a frustrated "armchair" model railroader and don't know how to get started?
    You would like to have a model railroad, but don't know which gauge, brand, or size to use?
  • You have a problem with your layout that you can't solve?

We offer consulting services at affordable prices. If need be, we even travel to your location in order to gather first-hand information and give you the correct replies to your questions on the spot.

Scratch building and Kit bashing

If you need a specific structure (like a house, specific people, a bridge) or a distinct piece of rolling stock that is not commercially available - and you lack either the time or the skills to build it, we can do the job for you. We have expert scratch builders from all over the country on our team. In order to keep your cost down, we could buy a kit very similar to your project and kit-bash it, so it fits your bill.


Our rates are affordable:


US-$ 1,500.00

If the design gets built by us, we credit 50% of the design cost to the construction cost.  Cad - Rate


US-$ 75.00 per hour or US-$ 520.00 per day (8 hours) on projects that require more than one day of work.  Construction Cost

Travel expenses

Within a 50 mile radius of Tampa, FL : free of charge

Otherwise: US-$ 0.80 per mile  Travel Expenses


at cost    Accommodation

per diem

US-$ 60.00 per day    Per Diem

Florida and Ohio residents please add approbiate sales tax.

Rates are subject to change wihtout prior notice.

For an individual calculation, please send your inquiry to

General Terms

Basically, our terms and conditions are pretty simple:

Design costs

are payable with your design order. Unfortunately, we have to insist on this term as some "customers" thought they'd get the design free of charge. Please note that design work starts as soon as the money is in our account, not earlier.

Layout constrcution cost are payable in 3 installments:

  • 1. 30% of the total construction amount per your invoice is due in advance to cover part of our costs.
  • 2. 30% is due upon completion of trackwork and wiring.
  • 3. 40% is due upon delivery of the layout.

For each installment due you will receive an invoice stating the final amount as well as the installment amount.

Payment can be made by credit card (sorry, no American Express), check, PayPal, or cash.

Terms are subject to change without prior notice

Downloadable forms

Project Profile

If you would like to order a new layout, please fill in this form and email it to us prior to your order. You need Adobe© Acrobat Reader to view this form. In case you prefer to download the form, please right-click the link and select "save as..." from the context-menu.

Layout Construction contract This is our standard contract for layout construction.
Change Order If any amendments to a currently under construction project are nessessary, this change order is required.